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Two Years of Uniquely You Online: Blogging Anniversary

Happy 2nd Blogging Anniversary

Today marks two years since I launched my blog, Uniquely You are Online. It is hard to believe that I have been able to create a virtual space for unique and creative women like myself in just two years. This past year has been incredibly awesome because of the connections and friendships made with many people who enjoy what we do here at Uniquely You Online.

The first blog post was entitled Performance, Production, and Promise, which was just a glance into growing spiritually in God. I was nervous about pushing the published button, but I did out of pure obedience to what God was revealing to be in prayer. Still, after two years, I pursue God in prayer for his ultimate desire, the Uniquely You Online community.

The Vision Continues

The vision for Uniquely You Online is that women like you will be uplifted, upheld, and united in their Christian faith! As we share our burdens through prayerful support on social media platforms such as Instagram live or Facebook posts - it's all so God can have His glory.

Thank you, Uniquely You Friends,

Thank you, friends, for being a part of Uniquely You Online. I pray that as we continue to grow in Christ together, our love and faith will be evident to all who encounter us. Happy blogging anniversary! Here's to many more years of writing and sharing what God has put on our hearts. To any person who has read one of my writing, thank you. I can't believe that you, friend, take time out of your busy schedule to read, like, share any post! He Remember you are, Uniquely You!

Accomplishments of Uniquely You Online

Since Then, in 2021, we have accomplished over 100 blog posts. Uniquely You Online is all about self-care and motherhood with a spiritual focus for women; plus, I host our very First Second Chance Chat Series, April 2021! Thank you to everyone who watched between Instagram live streams (IGLS) and Facebook Live Videos (FB live streams). The feedback has been incredible as it allows me the opportunity of meeting so many new people from around the world wide web. The Proverb 31 Woman series was also exciting this past year. And finally -I'm super excited because I will be speaking at Prudent Women Virtual Retreat this week.

We have accomplished so much in the past two years, and there is no doubt that God has big plans for us in the years to come. Thank you for being a part of this community, and I cannot wait to see what God does next through us all. Here's to many more years of writing and sharing what God has put on our hearts!

Uniquely You Online 2022 & Beyond

We plan on continuing to post new content every week, and we hope you'll continue reading! Look Out for Self-Care Challenge and much more!

In celebration of the Second Year

I am so grateful for your continued support in these past two years. We have had an incredible time together, and I cannot wait to share more of what God shows me as we continue on our journey! If you would like, please consider becoming a friend or subscriber by visiting www. uniquely you. Online/following me @UniquelyYou29on Instagram. Thank you again - it is never too late to uplift someone's life through Jesus Christ.

Prayer for the Future of Uniquely You Online

Father God, you have called us to be uniquely your online community in Christ. May we continue to grow in love and our Christian faith as we pursue you together. I pray the women continue to be uplifted, upheld and united in their Christian faith. Fill our hearts with your love and compassion so that we may reach out to others with your hope and grace. In Jesus' name, Amen!

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