Grace & Mercy

Welcome to Day 19 & 20 of 31 Days of Power Words! Where You can go from being you to being Uniquely you! The Power Words of the Day are Grace & Mercy! The meaning of grace is a virtue coming from God. The definition of mercy a blessing is an act of divine favor or compassion. Grace and Mercy is a extension of God's nature and compassion.

Power Note of the Day: According to the Bible, in Psalm 116:5, The Eternal is full of grace, and naturally just; our God is compassionate and merciful(The Voice). In the year of our Lord, 2020, God has displayed his ultimate grace and mercy despite the difficulty, disappointment, and death. God's grace and mercy are upon the Earth. God's has compassion has not faded, and his grace and mercy will prevail. There is a song by the Mississippi Mass Choir titled Your Grace & Mercy. The chorus goes like this: Your grace and mercy brought me through; I'm living this moment because of you. I want to thank you and praise you, too. Your grace and mercy brought me through. Grace & Mercy is a powerful song to remind you and me of God's amazing grace and mercy.

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