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This is not the time to doubt. This is the time to trust.

       It’s common in the world to give up after you’ve failed. We expect it to be different as believers but, when you’re walking with God, sometimes you want to give up, too. So, the journey from the pit to the palace leaves many of us frustrated, discouraged, and even embarrassed. When God gave me a word that I would become a great teacher, I thought everything would happen automatically. But, as can be expected, waiting on the Lord can look like forever.


       Failing the certification exam times, being jobless despite having a degree, living with my parents, going through a divorce, with a daughter to take care of, my life looked like everything opposite of what God promised. But I didn’t stop. My friend calls me the “persistent queen,” so it takes a little more to take me out. However, I understood over time that God was in the business of second chances. Because when the time came, He downloaded a divine plan to fulfill the heavenly vision.


       Failure has no bearing on God’s ability to accomplish His plan for your life. Uncovering your abundant life is an exciting adventure, full of surprises, with lots of twists and turns that will inevitably lead you to an intimate understanding of God and about who He indeed created you to be.

UNIQUELY YOU is a universal online company that provides resources and community to uplift, uphold, and unite Christian women in their faith because God is a God of second chances.


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Michelle Kinyungu

A little bit about me

Mother, Educator, and Writer

My name is Michelle Pryor Kinyungu, founder of Uniquely You Online and Michelle Kinyungu Enterprises.


Here are some fun facts about me:

  • Bachelor of Science in Educational Studies from Bethune-Cookman University.

  • A Master of Science in Management and Leadership from Purdue University Global.

  • Recently featured on Feedspot as Top 10 Black Christian Blogs to Follow in 2020.

I am here to build, uplift, uphold, and unite Christian women in their faith!